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LexisNexis has partnered with the FLISP Support Team to help first-time buyers find out if they qualify for a Government FLISP subsidy.

The FLISP Support Team will process each application referred to us.If one of your clients meets the qualification criteria for a FLISP subsidy, you can register their details here for this FLISP assistance service.


A buyer can qualify for a FLISP subsidy if they are a South African Citizen, first-time home buyer, with an approved home loan,
and has at least one financial dependent - such as a spouse or a child. 
They should also not earn more than R22 000 per month [gross combined household income.


If your client has already taken transfer of the property and registered his/her home loan, the FLISP application must be submitted, 
to the Department of Human Settlements or NHFC within the following time frames:

• Western Cape within 24 months

• KZN - any time after 2012

• Eastern Cape - no applications allowed after date of transfer

• All other provinces - within 3 months from date of transfer


The FLISP assistance service costs R1 500, payable by your client to the FLISP Team. This fee is non-refundable should the subsidy not be approved.

Please note:

This form is to be completed by the Attorney firm handling all conveyancing for the purchase of the property in question. On the FLISP subsidy being successful  the attorney firm will receive  a R 200  administration fee. 

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