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My Budget Fitness online (Rent2buy)

  • 182Days
  • 12Steps
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MY BUDGET FITNESS: YOUR TICKET TO HOMEOWNERSHIP SUCCESS! You get exclusive access to our Budget & Credit Score Improvement Programme, tailored for serious homeowners to be, like you. Here's what's in store: 📈 Improve your credit score: We'll give you all the insider tips how to improve your credit score. 💰Budget Tips and Tools: Clear debt and improve your cashflow & property buying power. 🎓 Dedicated Home Ownership Educational Modules: Prepared by Property Experts to guide and teach you how to prepare yourself to apply for property finance and buying your own home. 💡 Insider Insights: Get the scoop on industry secrets and stay ahead of the homeownership game. The Action Plan: Activate your own Personalised My Bond Fitness plan: Sign up below and let's kickstart your journey with our Team of Experts. Quick Personal Call: Once you subscribed and paid, expect a call soon for a brief chat about your financial goals and the customized path ahead. Perks for Future You: When you're ready to make moves, you'll have exclusive perks waiting for you: 🚀 Free FLISP/First Home Finance Support when your profile and finances are ready to apply in the future. 💰 Cash-Back -Refund of 6 months subscription fees paid, if you qualify for a home loan through our home loan assistance services on date of transfer. 📚 A-Z New Homeowner Guide (Modules 1-4).

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